by Wolves Scream

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Kings raised in glory until they sink in praise.
Hidden by words, lost in their lies.
Kings raised by goldhands, they will fall in disgrace.
We will sow fear in your eyes

Centuries gone, dominated by crowns
Innocents’ blood flows on your hands
We claim vengeance for your crimes,
Your power has left you blind

Asleep on your throne, forever alone
Even with your gold forever alone
You fear to lose your precious kingdom,
While we are only looking for our freedom

Centuries gone, fields invaded by crows
Last call to arms on no man's land
We seek for our stolen rights
A new hope is coming to light

You may burn our houses but you won’t bury our souls
You’d better drop the weapons
Cause we’ll never give up

You are asleep on your throne, forever alone
Even with your gold forever alone

Our blood flows to the stones with courage
But you, you will be the only ones
who die with the black hands

You die with the black hands

No one will cry on your grave and we don’t give a fuck


released May 8, 2016
Recorded by Aljoscha Sieg and Sebastien Kuhn
Mixed and mastered by Aljoscha Sieg at Pitchback Studios.
Produced by David Beule



all rights reserved


Wolves Scream Belgium


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